webCAPTURE transforms content from your online self-service web forms using a fully automated process, which validates the data and updates your back office.


The outcomes are remarkable. Find out what happens when you deploy webCAPTURE.

A Revenue Manager's Guide to webCAPTURE
A Revenue Manager's Guide to webCAPTURE.[...]
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Govtech webCAPTURE Brochure A4 4pp_P2.pd[...]
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Auto-indexing with eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE
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eCAPTURE has the same transformative effect but is also designed to convert content from paper form images, PDFs and structured emails into a format that can be used to automatically update your back office system. 


In addition, eCAPTURE subjects content to a thousand claim-specific business rule checks and routines, which automate calculations like Claim Date and Effective Date and provide assessors with a customised checklist for every claim to aid accurate and rapid assessment.

Govtech eCapture Benefits Brochure A4 4p[...]
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eCAPTURE UCDS Universal Credit Digital Service

Govtech's new 'Invest to Save' solution for handling ATLAS Notifications

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Case Studies

Download a customer case study here

eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE transform how you process

  • In Benefits
    • New claims for HB/CTR
    • Better Off claims
    • Free School Meals
    • Clothing Grants
    • Changes of Address from Council Tax Move Within
    • Indexing of associated documents
  • In Council Tax and Business Rates
    • Direct Debits
    • eBilling
    • Single Occupier Discounts
    • Council Tax Moves In/Out/Within
    • Unoccupied Discounts
    • Credit Transfers
    • Refunds
    • Copy Bill requests
    • Special Payment Arrangements
    • Small landlord notified tenancy changes
    • Large landlord bulk tenancy changes
    • Cancel / Review Single Person Discount
    • Capture Benefits Change of Address from CT Move Within
    • CT Move In from new benefit claim
    • Student Discounts
    • Indexing and prioritisation of associated documentation
  • Other
    • Concessionary travel passes
    • Single financial assessments
    • Incoming document indexing