Former Woolworth's Employees Win Pay Out

Mar 2012 - On 20th January 2012, the Employment Tribunal awarded £67m in compensation to 20,000 former employees of Woolworths. Six weeks later, former employees began to submit their claims for payment. Commissioned by Northgate Information Solutions on behalf of the Redundancy Payments Section of The Insolvency Service, the eCAPTURE module was designed, developed and deployed in under 30 days to capture, validate and load claim details at a rate of up to 500 per hour.

Ealing extends eCAPTURE to April 2014

Mar 2012 - Ealing Council has extended its eCAPTURE service until April 2014. eCAPTURE is used to validate and load paper, PDF and IEG4 electronic benefit claims. Associated documentation and PDFs are auto-indexed.

Wolverhampton and Sutton automate LAIDs and LACIs

Mar 2012 - Wolverhampton City Council and Sutton Council are the latest Local Authorities to automate the capture, validation and loading of claims received as electronic PDF documents from Job Centre Plus and The Pension Service. Claim content is automatically converted to xml, subjected to 1,000 validation checks and then loaded into the Benefits system without manual intervention. PDFs are auto-indexed and loaded into the DMS.

Sandwell extends eCAPTUREservice contract

Dec 2012 - Sandwell MBC has awarded Northgate Information Services a 4-year IT managed service contract in Revenues and Benefits. Sandwell's eCAPTUREservice in Benefits has been extended as part of this contract. Sandwell has used eCAPTURE since 2007, in which time well over 100,000 benefit claims have been captured, validated and loaded into Northgate Benefits without assessor intervention.

InsS completes migration

Dec 2011 - The Insolvency Service has completed its migration onto the new CHAMP system to handle statutory redundancy claims. Claims administered by the Edinburgh office of the Redundancy Payments Service join those administered by the Watford and Birmingham locations. Around 500,000 claims and associated documentation submitted by Insolvency Practitioners and employees from across the country are now captured, validated and loaded into CHAMP by eCAPTURE in a 5-hour SLA.

Kirklees routes eBenefits self-service claims through eCAPTURE

Oct 2011 - Kirklees MDC has decided to route self-service claims captured using Northgate's new eBenefits module through eCAPTURE. eCAPTURE takes care of data validation, matching and creation of the new claim in Northgate without assessor intervention. In common with all other claims routed via eCAPTURE, key dates are autoatically calculated and key claim components listed on a custom notepad to aid assessors.

Ealing go for same day service

Sep 2011 - Ealing Council has announced it is purchasing the IEG4 solution to capture benefit claims electronically. Claims will be risk assessed using a RBV service then routed via eCAPTURE and loaded into Northgate Benefits, all within 15 minutes. This new level of eCAPTUREservice® will help to ensure that the maximum possible number of citizens who visit or telephone to make a new claim will have their entitlement confirmed on the same day.

Wigan goes live on eClaims

Sep 2011 - Wigan MBC has gone live on Northgate Benefits following a migration. Each week during the 7-week closedown, PDF LAIDs and LACIs and over 200 other Victoria Forms eClaims were routed to eCAPTURE, which then loaded over 1,600 new claims in the first week of live running. Over 160 man-days of manual effort was saved and each claim was validated, ready for immediate assessment.

Northumberland consolidates claim capture

Aug 2011 - Following a 2-year migration of district council systems onto the new Unitary revenues and benefits platform, Northumberland Council has adopted eCAPTURE to leverage efficiencies and quality improvements from automating the loading of new claims. Claims, which are received through multiple channels, are routed via eCAPTURE and loaded into the benefits system without assessor intervention.

Wigan switches to eClaims and adopts eCAPTURE

May 2011 - Wigan MBC has adopted eCAPTURE to verify and load PDF LAIDs and LACIs and electronic claims captured in Victoria Forms into its new Northgate Benefits system. eCAPTURE will be deployed prior to the 7-week closedown needed for the migration of the old system’s data to Northgate. During this time, eCAPTURE will accept and verify claims pending live running of the new system, at which point all claims will be loaded, ready for assessment.

Govtech reports record year

April 2011 - Govtech has recorded another year of strong growth with revenues up 46%. During a year in which there was a change of government, emergency Budget, a comprehensive spending review leading to the announcement of the largest spending cuts in peacetime history and a major Welfare Reform White Paper, councils continued to see a strong business case for the adoption of eCAPTURE. Govtech was particularly pleased to welcome 10 more new employees in February 2011.

Four more councils choose eCAPTURE

March 2011 - Govtech has announced that 4 more councils have chosen to adopt eCAPTUREservice. Tewkesbury, Harrow, Reigate & Banstead and Birmingham City Council have all chosen eCAPTURE to simplify and improve the processing of benefit claims.