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Kirklees MBC adopts Firmstep, Extends and Deepens Partnership with Govtech

Mar 2019 - Kirklees MBC has signed a G-Cloud 10 contract with Govtech to extend use of its existing eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE digital process automation services in Revenues and Benefits for up to 4 years. In addition, a full suite of Firmstep Revenues web forms designed by Govtech has been developed and deployed to replace Govtech's own hosted web forms. The new forms are integrated into the My Kirklees Account and will be available for exploitation by other councils using the Firmstep platform.

Govtech awarded place on CCS RM3821 Data and Applications Solutions Framework Agreement

Feb 2019 - Govtech has been awarded a place in Lot 1b on the new Crown Commercial Service Data and Applications Solutions (DAS) Framework Agreement, RM3821


Lot 1b is reserved for specialist providers of integration services and digital process automation solutions.


Govtech's webCAPTURE service is a hosted expert system which handles the most complex digital processes, involving many thousands of process steps, and manages sequential communication with scores of APIs in multiple back office systems.


webCAPTURE monitors and tracks the outcome of every transaction, providing valuable information on performance and identifying obstacles to digital process automation. Business rules control automation with items triggered for intervention automatically classified and sent to prioritised work queues.


webCAPTURE can adapt to support consumers and citizens transacting with a broad range of service providers including councils, central government agencies, utilities, insurance companies and pension scheme providers.


webCAPTURE integrates tightly with all major CRM platforms, providing a rapid and low risk means to digitise complex and high volume transactions quickly and safely, and much faster returns on investment.

eCAPTURE UCDS is launched

Jan 2019 - Govtech hosted customers at 3 launch events in London, Leeds and Edinburgh to introduce its new eCAPTURE Universal Credit Digital Service (UCDS).


eCAPTURE UCDS simplifies and improves the processing of daily Notifications relating to HB Stops and LCTR Changes, received by councils daily via ATLAS from the DWP, by pre-assessing and filtering files before these are loaded into Benefits systems.


Download further information below

Adobe Acrobat document [621.2 KB]

Harrogate Borough Council adopts webCAPTURE

Nov-18 Harrogate Borough Council has become the latest LOcal Authority to adopt Govtech's proven webCAPTURE digital process automation service. webCAPTURE will load Council Tax transactions captured using Harrogate's in-house designed and developed Firmstep web forms and automate the processing of these in Northgate Revenues. The service will go live in time for annual billing.

Hambleton District Council Digitises Revenues with webCAPTURE

Oct 2018 - Hambleton District Council has entered into a G-Cloud 10 contract with Govtech for the deployment of its webCAPTURE Revenues digital process automation service. The council will initially use Govtech's intuitive web forms to capture online day-to-day notifications and service requests for Council Tax and Business Rates, processing of which webCAPTURE will automate in Hambleton's Northgate Revenues & Benefits system. Auto-indexing of associated documentation into Information@Work is a standard feature of the hosted service. The initial contract is for 15 months during which a new suite of Revenues web forms, designed by Govtech, will be added to the council's My Account portal using webCAPTURE for process automation.

City of Bristol Council enhances and extends webCAPTURE

Aug 2018 - The City of Bristol Council has extended its webCAPTURE service until 2020 and is expanding the range of digital transactions that are automated in Northgate Revenues.

Mansfield to adopt webCAPTURE

Aug 2018 - Mansfield District Council is adopting webCAPTURE to digitise its Revenues service. Govtech will supply its suite of intuitive Revenues web forms for Council Tax and Business Rates and its webCAPTURE integration service to automate transaction processing in Northgate Revenues. Mansfield have contracted with Govtech via G-Cloud 10.

Salford extends webCAPTURE after successful first 12 months

JUl 2018 - Salford City Council has extended its contract for webCAPTURE for up to a further 4 years, following successful deployment of the digital automation service in 2017. See also Digital Council of the Year 2018 below

Croydon Council Enhances webCAPTURE

Jul 2018 - Croydon Council has enhanced and extended its existing webCAPTURE contract. Utilising the new G-Cloud 10 Framework Agreement, Croydon has contracted to replace the in-house web forms used since webCAPTURE was first deployed in 2013 with Govtech's own intuitive web forms. The Agreement is for 2 years with 2 x 12-month extension options, the maximum permissable under G-Cloud.


Govtech's web forms will provide a much improved customer experience as well as open up a broader range of fully integrated and automated Council Tax transactions, including Landlord notifications, Student Discounts, Special Payment Arrangements and Single Person Discount Reviews and Cancellations. Online transactions are fully automated in Northgate Revenues with associated document renditions automatically classified as archive or high, medium or low priority work items, and sent to the ICLipse document management system.

Govtech is on G-Cloud 10

Jun 2018 - Govtech has been successful in its application to be awarded a position on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud Framework Agreement, G-Cloud 10. Govtech has been on all G-Cloud Frameworks awarded to date and councils such as The City Council of Bristol, Harrow LBC, Croydon LBC, Doncaster MBC and Dudley MBC have all exploited its OJEU compliant process to procure integration services from Govtech.


For more information, visit the Digital Marletplace.

Salford City Council awarded Digital Council of the Year 2018

Jun 2018 - Salford City Council were awarded both 'Digital Council of the Year' and 'Overall Digital Leaders 100 Winner' at the Digital Leaders 100 awards in June 2018.


You can read about the contribution webCAPTURE has made to Salford's Digital First customer strategy here

Harrow Council renews its hosted integration services

Apr 2018 - Harrow Council has renewed its eCAPTURE Benefits and webCAPTURE Revenues hosted integration services for a further 2 years with the option for 2 further 12-month extensions, using G-Cloud 9. The latest extension will see Harrow's relationship with Govtech extended to over a decade and coincides with the publication of a new case study

Dudley MBC reaffirms commitment

Apr 2018 - Dudley MBC has renewed its hosted integration services for Benefits and Revenues in a new direct contract with Govtech, using G-Cloud 9. Dudley has been a Govtech client since 2009.

eCAPTURE continues to deliver for Bedford

Apr 2018 - Bedford Borough Council has signed a contract extension with Northgate Public Services for the continuation of its eCAPTURE Benefits integration service, which handles validation and loading of new claims into Northgate Benefits for the Team Netsol BECS product, deployed as a component of Agilisys Digital. This latest service extension continues Bedford's relationship with Govtech, which began in 2010.

LGSS Renews webCAPTURE and replaces Gandlake

Mar 2018 LGSS has signed a contract with Northgate Public Services to renew its webCAPTURE integration service for Northampton Borough Council and expanded the range of day-to-day online transactions automated in Northgate Revenues to include CT Special Payment Arrangements and Landlord notifications of tenancy changes. Having reviewed a range of other options, LGSS chose to adopt Govtech's suite of Revenues web forms to replace forms withdrawn from the market by Gandlake.


In conjunction with service optimisation reviews run by Govtech, the new web forms will enable LGSS to drive up levels of online self-service and automation rates in Northgate Revenues, with completed items sent straight to archive. Officers will intervene on an exceptions basis only to manage other items automatically classified and auto-indexed to High, Medium and Low priority work queues in the LGSS document management system.

iESE Gold Award for Shepway District Council

Mar 2018 Govtech is delighted to congratulate Shepway District Council, which stunned rivals such as Milton Keynes BC and Aylesbury Vale DC better known for their innovative use of technology, by winning a well deserved Gold Award from the iESE, for Transforming Through Technology. In 2016, Shepway implemented a customer-focused channel shift programme, utilising web forms from Victoria Forms to capture day-to-day transactions online in Revenues and Benefits. Govtech's eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services integrate and automate these transactions in Northgate Revenues and Benefits, as well as classify interventions into High, Medium or Low priority items which are auto-indexed into work queues in Information@Work. In so doing Shepway has not only ensured that it gets all the benefits of channel shift by now intervening only on an exceptions basis, triggered by local business rules configured into webCAPTURE, it has materially improved its citizens' experience of online self-service by automating complex transactions.

Govtech sponsors round table at ShareDigital18

Mar 2018 Govtech is delighted to be sponsoring a round table discussion at this year's Share Digital event on 8th March 2018 at Church House, Westminster.


Ben Jones, Head of Digital at Harrow Council, and Leroy Bellinger, Senior Project Manager, will be discussing Building digital around residents - The Harrow Council story


Participants can expect to hear how online has now become the channel of choice, moving from 28% to 73% self-service tranactions and that this has led to over £6 million in both front and back office savings.

The round table will discuss key principles in driving this transformation, building services around the customer and joining up the Council. Harrow's blended approach, of building strong in-house capacity, combined with specialist providers like Govtech to create flexible, resilient and durable solutions will be explained. And participants will discover Harrow's key learning points; in retrospect, where things went wrong and what was done to change and adapt.

So popular has been interest in the round table, the event organisers are running it twice.


Govtech has been privileged to be a partner in the journey undertaken by Harrow Council since 2011 and delighted that our partnership is now being extended until 2022.


Download the new Harrow Case Study here


Further details about ShareDigital can be found at


Serco opts for eCAPTURE

Feb 2018 Serco has signed a contract with Govtech to provide an eCAPTURE service until 2021 to the team which manages applications for Blue Badges and Concessionary Travel Passes for Hertfordshire County Council. Content from scanned images of application and renewal forms is captured, validated, converted to electronic format and passed for loading into a Lagan CRM system. The service will go live in just 5 weeks, from the beginning of April 2018

Glasgow renews eCAPTURE

Feb 2018 Glasgow City Council has renewed its eCAPTURE service for the 6th consecutive year. eCAPTURE tranforms new claims received as PDF LAIDs/LACIs into electronic claims and integrates these with the council's Academy Benefits system.

Doncaster renews eCAPTURE

Jan 2018 - Doncaster MBC has renewed its eCAPTURE Benefits contract for a further term directly with Govtech using G-Cloud 9. eCAPTURE fully integrates and loads new claims captured using Victoria Forms as well as converting PDF LAIDs and LACIs into eClaims and loading these into Northgate Benefits. Associated claim renditions and other documentation is auto-indexed into Information@Work.

Northgate renews eCAPTURE for Nottingham City Council

Jan 2018 - Northgate Public Services has renewed its eCAPTURE service contract for Nottingham City Council. eCAPTURE is used to capture content submitted on paper and PDF forms and convert this into electronic clams, which are loaded into Northgate Benefits as pended new ietms, ready for assessment.

Living Wage Week is 5th - 11th November 2017

North Ayrshire Council the latest to adopt webCAPTURE in Scotland

Oct 2017 North Ayrshire Council has joined 5 other Scottish Local Authorities in adopting webCAPTURE to provide digital process automation to the Revenues Service for a 5-year term. Govtech's intuitive web forms will be used to capture day-to-day revenues transactions, with webCAPTURE providing full business process automation in Northgate Revenues. The service will be commissioned and deployed prior to annual billing in 2018.

Cheshire East Council commits to webCAPTURE Revenues

Oct 2017 Cheshire East Council has signed a G-Cloud 9 contract with Govtech for the supply of its hosted webCAPTURE Revenues digital automation service to capture and automate online transactions for Council Tax and Business Rates.

The service covers day-to-day revenues transactions such as changes of address, landlord-notified tenancy changes (including bulk changes of address), student discount applications, direct debits, discounts, special payment arrangements and paperless billing. The fully hosted service will use Govtech's intuitive web forms to capture content and webCAPTURE to automate transaction processing in Northgate Revenues. webCAPTURE auto-indexing will automatically classify anything that requires attention as High, Medium or Low priority work items in the document management system, whilst archiving completed items.

The service will be implemented, tested and accepted by January 2018.

Wolverhampton and Liverpool extend eCAPTURE service contracts

Sep 2017 Wolverhampton MBC has extended its eCAPTURE Benefits service for a 5th year. Since 2012, eCAPTURE has handled the integration with Northgate Benefits of electronic HB/CTR claims, captured in Team Netsol's BECS product, as well as the capture, conversion and automated loading of claims received from DWP and The Pension Service as PDF LAIDs and LACIs.

Liverpool City Council has also extended its eCAPTURE contract for a third consecutive term

Croydon renews and upgrades webCAPTURE

Sep 2017 Croydon Council has renewed and expanded its commitment to Govtech's webCAPTURE digital process automation service for Council Tax and Business Rates by extending this until December 2019 via G-Cloud 9. The council has licensed itself for all webCAPTURE transactions, including Landlords, Student Discounts, Special Payment Arrangments, Paperless Billing and Single Person Discount Reviews. A brand new new suite of web forms to exploit the full range of integrated transactions is being developed by in-house council consultants and will be deployed by December 2017, following testing and acceptance support provided by Govtech to the Revenues service.

G-Cloud 9 Listing

22 May 2017 - Govtech Solutions Limited has retained its listing on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud Framework Agreement. G-Cloud is an OJEU compliant means of contracting direct with Govtech for its hosted eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE integration and business process automation services.


For further information, contact us or visit

Dumfries & Galloway extends eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE

Apr 2017 Dumfries & Galloway Council has extended its eCAPTURE Benefits and webCAPTURE Revenues integration services. The council first started using Govtech's hosted integration services in 2009. Alongside the extended term, the council will be adopting new integrated Revenues transactions, including for Landlord-notified tenancy changes, paperless billing registration, automated "CT Move-in from new Benefit claim" and "Enhanced CT Move Within" which captures Benefit Change of Address details for tenants with an active claim who report a change of address to Council Tax. The new service terms will run until 2021.

Doncaster shows confidence in webCAPTURE

Apr 2017 Doncaster MBC has demonstrated its faith in, and commitment to, webCAPTURE two years after adopting this by extending the service for a further 4 years via a CCS Framework Agreement RM1042 contract with Northgate Public Services. Online transactions to support landlords and paperless billing have been added to the hosted webCAPTURE integration service.

Wakefield chooses eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE

Apr 2017 Wakefield MDC has confirmed its intention with Northgate Public Services to purchase hosted eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE integration services under a CCS Framework Agreement RM1042. The 5-year term will see IEG4 eClaims fully integrated into Northgate Benefits via eCAPTURE which uses Northgate's application APIs. The council has chosen to adopt Govtech's suite of intuitive web forms for Council Tax and Business Rates to capture online revenues transactions from citizens, landlords and businesses with transaction processing in Northgate Revenues fully automated by the webCAPTURE integration service. Auto-indexing of associated web transaction document renditions, including immediate archiving of completed items, alongside routing into High, Medium and Low priority work queues for items requiring intervention, completes the service.

Aberdeenshire to adopt eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE

Apr 2017 Aberdeenshire Council has confirmed to Northgate Public Services its intention to purchase Govtech's eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE hosted integration services for Revenues and Benefits via CCS Framework Agreement RM1042, following a mini-competition. A 4-year agreement between Aberdeenshire and Northgate will see eCAPTURE deployed to integrate the existing BECS Claim product with Northgate Benefits and to handle the paper form residue, whilst webCAPTURE will be deployed with its own intuitive web forms to capture, integrate and automate day-to-day online transactions in Council Tax and Business Rates. Up to 80% of manual Revenues processing will be fully automated with officers intervening on exception items only.  webCAPTURE will automatically trigger, classify and route these items to High, Medium or Low priority work queues, depending upon the type of intervention.

Salford goes live with webCAPTURE

Apr 2017 In one of the swiftest implementations ever, and despite acceptance testing coinciding with Annual Billing and Year-end, Salford Council has gone live with Govtech's webCAPTURE service just 3 months after deciding to adopt it. Over 800 online Council Tax transactions were submitted during the first week.

Edinburgh renews commitment to eCAPTURE

Apr 2017 CGI, on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council, has renewed and deepened its commitment to Govtech's eCAPTURE electronic and paper claim integration service with a 4-year contract extension and, with a continuing focus on improving customer service, will incorporate automatic eligibility checks for new HB/CTR claimants to establish entitlement to free school meals and clothing grants

New Customer Case Studies Published

Apr 2017 Govtech is delighted to publish two new customer case studies, after approval of these by City of York Council and North Hertfordshire District Council. Both case studies look at what has been achieved in the first year of live running and can be downloaded here

Kirklees looks to save £500,000 in benefits administration

Mar 2017 Kirklees Council claims that its new online channel for housing benefit and council tax is providing the foundation for significant savings.  The Council has replaced its online forms for housing benefit and council tax reduction (HB/CTR) with a new system, called Better Off, developed by its own technology development organisation LookingLocal. It launched the solution in March and has claimed that it is already on course to deliver cashable savings of £500,000 per year.

Integration of new claims for HB/CTR into council back office benefit systems, together with auto-indexing of associated claim renditions, is provided exclusively by Govtech's eCAPTURE service.

Islington adopts eCAPTURE as other councils extend

Mar 2017 London Borough of Islington has chosen to adopt eCAPTURE to assist with managing its residue of paper benefit claim forms. Govtech's eCAPTURE service will convert the handwritten content automatically captured in scanned images of claim forms to electronic claims, validate the content and load these new claims into Northgate Benefits. Associated claim form images and scanned evidence will be auto-indexed into the council's Civica document management system.

Meanwhile, councils in Glasgow, Ashford, Doncaster, Dudley, Nottingham and Reigate & Banstead have extended their eCAPTURE services for further terms.

Salford Council Revenues service goes digital with webCAPTURE

Jan 2017 - Salford Council is adopting webCAPTURE in Council Tax and Business Rates to digitise day-to-day transactions with citizens, landlords and businesses. Salford is adopting the full range of web forms and transactions offered by webCAPTURE with full integration and business process automation in Northgate Revenues. Around 80% of manual workload assoociated with processing transactions received from citizens, landlords and businesses will be fully automated. High volume transactions, include paperless billing registration, direct debits, single occupier discounts and CT Moves will be live in time for 2017 annual billing.

webCAPTURE integrated with Agilisys Digital and service extended until 2022

Dec 2016 - Govtech's webCAPTURE service for the City of Edinburgh Council's Revenues service has been extended by CGI for a further 5 years. From May 2017, webCAPTURE forms will be accessed via the Agilisys Digital secure citizen account and pre-populated with citizen details. webCAPTURE updates the citizen account to confirm whether a web form was submitted, saved or abandoned. If submitted, webCAPTURE then automates the transaction in Northgate Revenues and updates the citizen account with the outcome.

G-Cloud 8 Listing

Govtech has been successful again in its tender for a place on the G-Cloud 8 Framework Agreement. eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE are available in Lot 3 - SAAS. For more information visit the Digital Marketplace

Tis almost the season to be merry..

Govtech's customer services processing team get into the spirit on 1st December.

Back Row, L-R: Amanda, Alison, Elizabeth,Shayne, Andy, Steve, Sarah

Front Row L-R: Sharon, Ann, Catherine 

Sandwell MBC Extends and Deepens Partnership with Northgate and Govtech

Apr-2016 - Sandwell MBC has signed a 5-year extension to its Revenues & Benefits managed service contract with Northgate Public Services under which eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services will be enhanced and their provision extended until March 2022. Sandwell MBC was the first council to adopt Govtech's eCAPTURE service in Sept 2006 and the second to adopt its webCAPTURE service in 2012.

Govtech signs partnership with Sopra Steria

Mar-2016 - Govtech and Sopra Steria have signed an agreement to deploy eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services in Sopra Steria client councils. The first implementation will be conducted for Shepway District Council to automate the processing of online Revenues and Benefits transactions captured using Victoria Forms.

Seven Councils extend eCAPTURE Service

Mar-2016 - eCAPTURE service contracts have been further extended by Ealing, Dudley, Bedford, Reigate & Banstead, Glasgow, Harrow and Kirklees. Doncaster MBC and Harrow Council have also extended and enhanced their webCAPTURE services with new Landlords functionality consisting of a web form specifically designed for small landlords to automate processing of tenancy changes submitted online and a large landlord's schedule to fully automate bulk changes of address. 

CGI commissions Agilisys Digital integration

Mar-2016 - CGI has commissioned the integration of Govtech's eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services with the Agilisys Digital "My Account" facility on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council. Citizens will access Govtech's web forms after logging into My Account; the selected web forms will be pre-populated with citizen details and their online accounts updated to show the transactions submitted. webCAPTURE will then fully automate the submitted transactions in Northgate Revenues and update My Account with the processing outcomes. Integration will be ready for live running in June 2016.

2016 sees more councils adopt webCAPTURE

Feb-2016 - Portsmouth City Council has adopted webCAPTURE in a 4-year contract. Govtech's hosted integration service for CT and NDR will be used to automate the processing in Northgate Revenues of transactions captured in Firmstep web forms. The service includes auto-indexing of associated documentation and will go live in June 2016.

Norwich City Council has signed a 5-year webCAPTURE contract and will use Govtech's own hosted web forms to automate online transaction processing in Northgate Revenues. The service for Council Tax and Business Rates will go live in May 2016.

York City Council has signed 5-year agreements with Northgate under CCS Framework Agreement RM1042 for supply of eCAPTURE Benefits and webCAPTURE Revenues to drive forward channel shift. eCAPTURE will validate and load electronic claims captured in Team Netsol's BECS product, whilst Govtech's own hosted web forms will be used to capture CT and NDR transactions. The services will be live from the end of April 2016 and both will then be integrated with Oracle's Right Now CRM solution.

South Ayshire Council has extended its existing relationship with Govtech by adopting eCAPTURE Benefits to complement the existing webCAPTURE Revenues service. South Ayrshire has decided to adopt the BECS product from Team Netsol as its electronic claim solution.

Northumberland Council has renewed its webCAPTURE service for a further 5-year term and added auto-indexing. 

Croydon Council and Harrow Council have both extended their webCAPTURE services for further terms under G-Cloud 7.

Shared Revenues Partnership adopts eCAPTURE

Nov 2015 - Shared Revenues Partnership, which delivers Revenues and Benefits services to Ipswich Borough Council, Babergh District Council and Mid Suffolk District Council, has chosen to adopt eCAPTURE to aid channel shift in its benefit service. eCAPTURE will automate the loading of claims received from Job Centre Plus and the Pension Service, as well as electronic claims for HB and CTR captured in Victoria Forms. eCAPTURE will significantly diminish the need for officer intervention and manual keying of all these claims, subjecting each to around 1,000 validation checks and presenting assessors with a customised check list for each claim. Service deployment will commence after Year-end.

Bristol adopts webCAPTURE as Bradford goes live

Nov 2015 - the City of Bristol Council has purchased webCAPTURE using G-Cloud to contract direct with Govtech. webCAPTURE will assist the council to channel shift services in Council Tax and Business Rates as well as automate the transactions loaded into Northgate Revenues. Officers will work only on items that require their expertise; these are flagged, sorted and loaded into High, Medium or Low priority work queues in the Council's document management system. Bristol is also the first council to adopt the new suite of webCAPTURE PLUS transactions. Key transactions will be live to coincide with 2016 annual billing and all transactions will be deployed by 30th June.

Meanwhile, Bradford MDC went live on webCAPTURE on 16th November, after a 16-week implementation project delivered precisely in line with the original project plan.

Diwali at Govtech

Happy Diwali from Baljeet and all her colleagues

New webCAPTURE PLUS transactions launched

Oct 2015 - Govtech has launched a new range of web forms and transactions called webCAPTURE PLUS. The new services enable councils to channel shift and automate transaction processing for CT Special Payment Arrangements, SPD Reviews, Landlord change of tenancy notifications, bulk changes of address and Student Discounts. An Enhanced CT Move Within web form now permits Benefit Change of Address details to also be captured on the same web form, whilst receipt of a new Benefit claim from a citizen not registered for CT will now trigger automatic creation of the new Liable Party in Revenues.

Croydon renews eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE

Oct 2015 - Croydon Council has renewed its eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services via G-Cloud. By the end of the latest term, Govtech will have been delivering its services in Croydon for over 7 years.

Help for Heroes

Sep 2015 - two tickets for the Rugby World Cup donated by Govtech raised £1,170 in a prize draw at the Scottish IRRV Conference Dinner in Crieff last week. The charity chosen by the President of the Scottish IRRV was Help for Heroes. We are grateful to all those who participated in the prize draw.

Govtech Living Wage Accreditation

19 Aug 2015 - Govtech Solutions Ltd has been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation as a Living Wage EmployerThe Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. It is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet. Andrew Melvin, Managing Director of Govtech, said "We are delighted to be formally accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Govtech adopted the Living Wage as its minimum starting salary for administrative and ancillary staff in 2013. Govtech is a services company employing people with a broad range of skills and abilities. As an equal opportunities employer which promotes from within wherever possible, we believe salary levels should reflect each employee's contribution towards meeting the standards the company sets itself. We don't regard the responsibilities or contribution of any employee to be "minimal" and felt that should be reflected in our employment policies."

Harrow wins MJ Award for Innovation in Channel Shift

July 2015 - Govtech is delighted to congratulate Harrow Council, which triumphed at the 2015 Municipal Journal Awards, winning the Innovation in Channel Shift category. As a user of eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE, Harrow has been at the forefront of digitising Revenues and Benefits. "Without working with excellent companies like Govtech, we would not achieve the things we have done at Harrow. The automation you developed for us played a key part and impressed all the judges. The solution has generated demonstrable cashable savings in the front and back office."

Bradford to deploy webCAPTURE

July 2015 - Bradford MDC is to deploy webCAPTURE to channel shift services in Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates. Bradford has signed a 5-year service agreement with auto-indexing and will deploy Govtech's Revenues web forms which will capture and fully automate transactions in Northgate Revenues. The service will be live by November 2015.

webCAPTURE Customers Describe Channel Shift Transformation

July 2015 - as webCAPTURE beds in at more councils the transformation benefits it delivers are becoming clear.


"The service was required to achieve a 16% reduction in costs for 2015/16. The service has been restructured and staffing levels reduced by 24 FTE. The work we have undertaken in Revenues has enabled savings of approximately £1m in service costs."


"Revenues and Benefits are at the forefront of transforming the way our customers communicate with the authority... A customer can access the service 24/7 and notify us of a change and within 24 hours receive an amended council tax bill via e-billing. Not only are we offering an improved level of service to our customers, we are also doing it at a significantly reduced cost.”


"In the first 5 months, we submitted 23,000 transactions and 74% have been automated. We are already ahead of our target for 29,000 transactions and 80% automation in the first year."


"92% of customers surveyed thought self-serve was easy. 100% would recommend it to others."

Doncaster Steps Up Channel Shift

June 2015 - Doncaster MBC has stepped up a gear in channel shifting Council Tax services by going live with webCAPTURE. The implementation was completed in 4 months from start to finish. Citizens will serve themselves for day-to-day transactions using Govtech's Revenues web forms; around 80% of the manual back-office processing previously associated with day-to-day Direct Debits, Discount applications and Moves will be fully automated in Northgate Revenues. The balance will be auto-indexed and placed in priority work queues for immediate action by officers. Around 9 out of 10 bills will be despatched to citizens within 24 hours of them completing a web fom.

Medway Council Extends eCAPTURE for 3 more years

May 2015 - Medway Council has extended its eCAPTURE Benefits contract for a further 3 years. Medway initially deployed eCAPTURE in 2010 for a 3-year term and has now extended the service by a total of 5 more years. eCAPTURE provides effective integration for Medway's Victoria Forms eClaims as well as legacy paper claim forms and PDF LAIDs/LACIs.

Bedford and Ashford Councils Extend eCAPTURE

April 2015 - Bedford Borough Council has extended its eCAPTURE benefits contract by a further 12 months whilst Ashford District Council has opted for a 2-year extension.

Kirklees MBC Marks First Anniversary of webCAPTURE

Mar 2015 - With annual billing all but complete, Kirklees MBC has marked the first full year of live running with webCAPTURE. During the last 12 months, over 37,000 CT and NDR transactions were submitted online with over three-quarters of these fully automated in Northgate Revenues. The number of citizens paying by direct debit has risen by 6,000, purely as a consequence of self-service publicity. The council is now planning a dedicated DD campaign to increase this further. The demarcation between Billing and Recovery has gone, with 36 more members of staff now engaged in Recovery activities and 48% of phone calls leading to a payment. Billing staff work to a presumption that the Council is charging and intervene only when the council stands to make a financial gain. As a consequence of all these measures, Collection has increased by £1.2m thus realising the business case objective to use skilled resources more productively to increase collection.

webCAPTURE Auto-indexing Helps Enable Transformation

Mar 2015 - Govtech's enhanced webCAPTURE auto-indexing service has been adopted by 10 more councils. webCAPTURE integrates citizen web forms with back office council tax and business rates systems, automating around 80% of the manual processing associated with day-to-day transactions and extending the benefits of channel shift into the back office. Auto-indexing further enhances productivity savings by sorting any work that requires intervention into priority work queues. The information it provides helps councils to analyse and challenge why they are intervening and to monitor what would happen if they didn't. Most have changed procedures and reduced interventions as a consequence. Automated sorting and prioritisation also ensures that skilled revenues officers work only on the cases that require their expertise and work first on cases that affect collection rates.

South Ayrshire Council Adopts webCAPTURE

Mar 2015 - South Ayrshire Council has become the latest Authority in Scotland to place Govtech's webCAPTURE service at the heart of its channel shift strategy. Revenues and Benefits Manager, Billy Phillips, said the council wished "to promote greater customer self service with integration to the back office revenues and benefits systems, provided by Northgate, to allow our remaining staff resource to cope with ongoing work demands. We look forward to an effective working partnership with Govtech"


Wear Something Your Colleagues Wouldn't Ordinarily Expect

Govtech shows its suppport for Comic Relief

eCAPTURE keeps delivering in Benefits

Feb 2015 - Three councils which use eCAPTURE Benefits have extended their contracts for further terms of up to 2 years. Glasgow City Council, Reigate & Banstead DC and Shropshire County Council will continue to use Govtech's hosted service to capture, validate, transform and load HB and CTR claim content from a mixture of paper, PDF and electronic claim forms.

Doncaster to channel shift with webCAPTURE

Jan 2015 - Doncaster MBC is adopting Govtech's webCAPTURE service to enable its channel shift strategy in Revenues. From April 2015, citizens and businesses will be able to conduct a range of Council Tax and Business Rates transactions such as creating Direct Debits, applying for CT discounts, reporting changes of address and setting up Special Payment Arrangements. webCAPTURE will fully automate around 80% of the associated manual processing in Northgate Revenues; transactions which require intervention will be auto-indexed to priority work queues for immediate attention.

Kirklees webCAPTURE Open Day

Dec 2014 - Five councils attended the first webCAPTURE Open Day hosted by Kirklees MBC on 4th December. The council deployed webCAPTURE in March 2014 as part of a comprehensive channel shift strategy. The council told visitors that it was on track to route 50,000 Revenues transactions through webCAPTURE in this financial year, that 36 members of staff now use the time freed up by webCAPTURE automation to assist in Recovery and that the collection rate is currently up 1% (around £1.5m). A case study is available under the Services tab.

23rd October 2014 - Diwali at Govtech

Baljeet & colleagues wish you all a Happy Diwali

Dudley channel shifts with webCAPTURE

Sep 2014 - Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has adopted Govtech's webCAPTURE service to enhance the ability of citizens and businesses to transact online. Govtech's suite of online Revenues forms will be used for day-to-day Council Tax and Business Rates notifications relating to Direct Debits, Discounts, Moves and Special Payment Arrangements. These service requests will be captured and validated by webCAPTURE with the transactions fully automated in Northgate Revenues. Dudley also extended its existing Benefits eCAPTURE service until 2016/17

Benefits goes online in Liverpool with eCAPTURE

Aug 2014 - Liverpool Direct Limited, a company wholly-owned by Liverpool City Council, has signed contracts for the supply of BECS Claim from Team Netsol and Govtech's eCAPTURE service from Northgate Public Services. Electronic claims for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction submitted via BECS will be routed to Govtech's eCAPTURE  service for validation, transformation and loading into Liverpool's Northgate Benefits system. eCAPTURE submits every claim to a thousand validation checks and business rules generate additional data to assist assessors in handling each claim, with minimum additional effort. eCAPTURE will also be used to capture handwritten and machine-printed content from the declining residue of paper claim forms and PDF LAIDs/LACIs, which it converts into eClaims and then routes these through the same validation process.

InsS renews eCAPTURE for 5th Year

Aug 2014 - The Redundancy Payments Section, a division of The Insolvency Service, has renewed its contract with Northgate for Govtech's eCAPTURE service for a 5th successive year. The service is used to capture claims from the National Insurance Fund for statutory redundancy, holiday pay and sickness entitlements from employees whose firms have become insolvent, a process administered by RPS on behalf of HMRC.

The City of Edinburgh Council breaks new ground with Govtech and Northgate

July 2014 - The City of Edinburgh Council is putting Govtech's eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services at the centre of its ambitious plans to promote citizen access to online services in Benefits and Revenues. Govtech's unique capture, validation and transformation services will accept content from a range of its own and third party web forms, enabling citizens to request discounts, set-up direct debits, report changes of address and submit benefit claims online. It will validate and load tens of thousands of day-to-day service requests and transactions into Northgate Revenues and Benefits, automating up to 80% of the manual processing currently associated with these. As part of the council's plans to provide a single, common citizen experience across all council services, Govtech will integrate eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE with Citizen Access Scotland's secure authentication system and with Oracle's Right Now CRM system. "We are delighted that Scotland's capital city has chosen eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE as key components in its service transformation programme." said Mark Hanson, Govtech's Technical & Customer Service Director.

Islington Council adopts webCAPTURE

July 2014 - Islington Council has followed hard on the heels of Croydon and Harrow to become the third London Borough to put webCAPTURE at the centre of its plans to channel shift citizens to online services. Via a Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreement, Islington has adopted webCAPTURE for a 5-year term, with the option to extend for 2 further years. The council will deploy Govtech's intuitive web forms for Revenues to handle day-to-day transactions in Council Tax and Business Rates across the spectrum, from Direct Debits toMoves to Special Payment Arrangements. The service is expected to be fully deployed and live in around 14 weeks.

Wolverhampton extends Benefits eCAPTURE

July 2014 - Wolverhampton City Council has extended the term and scope of its eCAPTURE Benefits service as part of its service transformation programme. The service has been extended for a further 27 months and will also handle electronic claims from a new third party eClaim form currently being purchased.

Perth & Kinross welcomes webCAPTURE

June 2014 - Perth & Kinross Council has become the second Scottish Local Authority to adopt webCAPTURE at the heart of its plans for channel shift. In a 5-year agreement with Northgate Public Services, the council will deploy Govtech's intuitive Revenues web forms which capture and pass content through Govtech's webCAPTURE service. Up to 80% of the day-to-day revenues transactions in Council Tax and Business Rates are fully automated in Northgate Revenues, enabling officers to focus purely on cases which affect collection. Business rule checks ensure time is not spent on transactions which do not require intervention and auto-indexing ensures that when intervention is required, the associated items are pended and loaded into priority work queues.

Merton extends eCAPTURE service

June 2014 - Merton Council has extended its eCAPTURE Benefits service for a fourth successive year. eCAPTURE is used to automate the capture and loading of new Benefit Claims received as PDF LAIDs and LACIs. eCAPTURE converts the PDF content into electronic claims and loads these into Merton's Civica OpenRevenues system, without intervention by assessors. Each claim is subjected to multiple validation and cross-checks, Claim Date and Effective Date are automatically calculated and a custom notepad for each claim is generated to ensure nothing important is missed or forgotten during its assessment

Northampton Revenues embarks on channel shift

May 2014 - Northampton Borough Council has adopted Govtech's webCAPTURE service in an initial 3-year contract with Northgate Public Services. webCAPTURE will extend the benefits of online citizen self-service into the Council Tax back office. webCAPTURE will accept content from web forms supplied to Northampton by Gandlake and will fully automate day-to-day transactions in Northgate Revenues, including Direct Debits, Single Occupier Discounts and Council Tax Moves, taking care of Credit Transfers, Refunds and Unoccupied Discounts where applicable.

Govtech and G-Cloud V

May 2014 - Govtech has been awarded another G-Cloud framework agreement contract for Lot 3: Software As A Service (SaaS). For further information, see About Us

Northumberland extends partnership with Govtech and Northgate

Apr 2014 - Northumberland Council has extended its Benefits eCAPTURE service until 2016-17 and adopted Revenues webCAPTURE to enable citizens and businesses to serve themselves online in Council Tax and Business Rates. Govtech's own suite of intuitive Revenues web forms will provide the citizen-facing front-end to webCAPTURE, which will also create and update CRM Incidents in Lagan, as completed web forms are submitted and then processed automatically by webCAPTURE in Northgate Revenues.

North Hertfordshire adopts webCAPTURE for Revenues Channel Shift

Mar 2014 - North Hertfordshire District Council has signed a 5-year agreement with Northgate for the supply of Govtech's Revenues webCAPTURE service. webCAPTURE will accept content from Firmstep's new suite of Revenues forms, validating, transforming and loading content from these into Northgate Revenues to provide full business process automation.

Councils Extend eCAPTURE

Mar 2014  - Ealing Council has renewed its Housing Benefits and CTR eCAPTURE service until 2016-17. eCAPTURE enables the Authority to fully integrate its IEG4 eClaims with Northgate Benefits, as well as automate the capture and loading of PDF LAIDs/LACIs. Dudley Council has also extended its Benefits eCAPTURE service and added Victoria Forms eClaims to this, to obtain full integration with Northgate Benefits. Electronic claims for both councils are captured from their respective web form vendors, validated, transformed and loaded into Northgate Benefits within 15 minutes, where they are ready for immediate assessment.

Kirklees extends and deepens its partnership with Govtech

Feb 2014 - Kirklees Council has extended and deepened its partnership with Northgate and Govtech by extending its existing Benefits eCAPTURE  service for 2 more years and adopting Revenues webCAPTURE  in a 5-year contract, using Crown Commercial Service Framework Agreement RM865. Kirklees has deployed Govtech's Revenues web forms to enable citizens and businesses to submit Council Tax and Business Rates requests for Discounts, Direct Debits, Moves, Copy Bills and Special Payment Arrangements online. webCAPTURE fully automates around 80% of these transactions, including Unoccupied Discounts, Refunds and Credit Transfers generated as part of the automation process. Council business rules determine when officers need to intervene; when this happens, transactions are pended, with associated documentation auto-indexed and placed in a priority work queue in the Authority's document management system. Kirklees has implemented webCAPTURE in just 11 weeks. This included a period of soft live running during which forms were used in a live environment by council staff only.  The service was opened up to citizens at the same time as Council Tax bills went out, ensuring that an opportunity to publicise the new online facilities was fully exploited.

Dumfries & Galloway adopts webCAPTURE in 5-year service contract

Jan 2014 - Dumfries & Galloway Council has become the first Scottish Council to adopt Govtech's webCAPTURE service for Council Tax and Business Rates. The council will deploy Govtech's own Revenues web forms to enable citizens and businesses to transact with the council online, with content from the forms routed through webCAPTURE to fully automate around 80% of the transactions in Northgate Revenues. With council officers intervening only when necessary, the resources freed up by webCAPTURE will be redeployed into supporting an Empty Homes initiative which will help raise additonal revenue for the council in 2014 and beyond. The council has also extended its existing eCAPTURE Benefits service until December 2015.

Harrow Council uses G-Cloud for webCAPTURE

Dec 2013 - Harrow Council has contracted for Govtech's Revenues webCAPTURE service using the G-Cloud IV Framework Agreement. webCAPTURE will accept content from Gandlake's suite of online Revenues forms and transform the content to provide full business process automation in Northgate Revenues. Day-to-day transactions, such as Discount applications, Direct Debits and Moves In/Out/Within are fully automated in Northgate Revenues with around 80% of transactions requiring no officer intervention. Instead, business rules determine when officers need to get involved. Fern Silverio, Head of Collections and Benefits in Harrow, said "webCAPTURE is an essential component in our citizen access strategy. Unless we can automate transactions in the back office, we will not realise all the benefits of channel shifting services online." Harrow Council has also introduced a new electronic Benefit claim form from Gandlake, content from which will be routed through Govtech's eCAPTURE service from April 2014, along with PDF LAIDS/LACIs and a declining number of paper claim forms, in a further, 2-year extension of this service.

Wolverhampton moves to Channel Shift Council Tax and Business Rates with webCAPTURE

Oct 2013 - Wolverhampton City Council has adopted webCAPTURE to automate online, self-service transactions in Council Tax and Business Rates. New intuitive web forms hosted by Govtech which feed content into webCAPTURE are included in a 5-year contract signed with Northgate Information Solutions. webCAPTURE validates and transforms the content of service requests and then fully automates the transaction processing in Northgate Revenues. Illustrating that there is no time to waste in securing the savings, efficiencies and customer experience improvements offered by webCAPTURE, Wolverhampton is implementing and going live on the first transactions in just 6 weeks.

Birmingham and Doncaster power ahead

Oct 2013 - Doncaster MBC has chosen to adopt Govtech's eCAPTURE service to automate the capture and loading of new benefit claims. The service will run for up to 4 years and make a significant contribution to efforts to do more with less, enabling assessors to focus on the important aspects of assessment. Meanwhile, Service Birmingham has extended its eCAPTURE service to automate the capture and loading of LAID and LACI benefit claims into Northgate Benefits for a further 12 months, following delays and the scaling back of the Universal Credit roll out.

Delays in Universal Credit prompt councils to look again at Benefit claims

Sep 2013 - Delays to, and a significant scaling back in the scope of, the Universal Credit roll out have prompted many councils to look again at how efficiently they can process benefit claims. Medway Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Reigate & Banstead District Council and Wigan MBC have all extended their eCAPTURE service contracts, which automate the capture and loading of new benefit claims. Wolverhampton City Council, Dudley MBC and Reigate & Banstead will also follow all other eCAPTURE customers in routing electronic claims through eCAPTURE.

Medway adopts webCAPTURE for Council Tax and Business Rates

Aug 2013 - Medway Council has adopted webCAPTURE for Council Tax and Business Rates in a 5-year contract signed by Northgate Information Solutions. WebCAPTURE transforms content from Medway's

online self-service Victoria Forms using a fully automated process, which validates the data and updates Northgate Revenues. Routine requests (around 80%) are processed without intervention leaving officers free to focus on priority cases.  

Govtech has moved!

Jul 2013 - Govtech has now fully taken up residence at its new office premises in Cirencester Office Park. It is also delighted to continue its support of Stratton Youth FC Under-15s with a new playing strip for the coming season and Circus Star via the provision of circus tickets for children with disabilities in Gloucestershire.

Sandwell and Wolverhampton enhance their eCAPTURE service

Jun 2013 - Sandwell MBC has added electronic claims to its eCAPTURE service. Claims captured in the BECS suite supplied by Team Netsol are routed through eCAPTURE, transformed and loaded into Northgate Benefits as pended new items ready for assessment. Each claim is subjected to the same 1,000 validation checks that apply to all claims, with full record cross-checks performed, Claim Dates calculated automatically and an assessor notepad generated to aid verification.


Following the successful introduction of its eCAPTURE service for PDF LAIDs/LACIs, Wolverhampton MBC has extended the term and added all new claims to the service. This will free up 4 experienced beneft assessors for other priorities.

Wycombe extends eCAPTURE to Council Tax and Business Rates

Feb 2013 - Wycombe DC, has extended its eCAPTUREservice to Council Tax and Business Rates with the adoption of webCAPTURE in a 5-year contract. Andy Green, Revenues and Benefits Service Manager, said: "Channel shifting service requests to the web is an essential part of our strategy to maximise efficiency savings. But we only get all the benefits of online self-service if the solution offers full business process automation. With webCAPTURE, we expect to have over 80% of day-to-day transactions fully automated, meaning we need only intervene on an exceptions basis, when expert assessment is required. I'm delighted to be renewing and extending our partnership with Govtech for another 5 years."

The Alliance embraces eCAPTURE

Feb 2013 - The Alliance, a strategic shared service partnership between High Peak Borough Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has added eCAPTURE to the IT managed service provided by Northgate Information Solutions. The alliance will use eCAPTURE to simplify the receipt, validation and loading of benefit claims into their Civica OPENRevenues system. Govtech Managing Director, Andrew Melvin, said "We are delighted to welcome 2 more councils using Civica OPENRevenues to the eCAPTURE user community, illustrating that the benefits of eCAPTURE in terms of improved quality, accuracy and assessor productivity are open to all councils."

Reading Borough Council adopts eCAPTURE

Jan 2013 - Reading Borough Council has adopted eCAPTURE to simplify and improve the processing benefit claims in their Academy system. eCAPTURE will be used to validate, transform and load claims received electronically through BECS, as well as PDF LAIDs & LACIs and scanned images of paper claim forms. With every claim subjected to around 1,000 business rule checks, dates automatically calculated and an assessor checklist generated, Reading will benefit from improvements in claim quality and accuracy as well as free up assessors from manual keying, checking and error correction activities. Combined with Risk Based verification, Reading's assessors will be able to focus their attention on complex, high risk cases.

Dumfries & Galloway extends eCAPTURE

Nov 2012 - Dumfries & Galloway Council has extended its service for a further 18 months and is now routing all electronic claims output in xml from Victoria Forms through eCAPTURE, as well as PDF LAIDs/LACIs.

Making a noise for Children in Need

Decked out for the day in their loudest finery, Govtech's employees raised £100 for BBC Children in Need. Teams on the afternoon rota shown bringing some colour to their work.

Northgate and Sandwell MBC extend and deepen partnerships with Govtech

Oct 2012 - Northgate Information Solutions has extended its parternship with Govtech for a further 5 years, adding new services for its clients and strengthening the integration of its eCAPTURE portfolio with Northgate Revenues and Benefits. The announcement coincided with a decision by Sandwell MBC to adopt eCAPTURErevenues in a 4-year service contract. eCAPTURErevenues will be delivered under a Northgate managed service contract and will handle online self-service in Council Tax and Business Rates. Service requests are captured online using web forms integrated with eCAPTURE, with transactions validated, routed into Northgate Revenues and automatically processed, saving hundreds of hours on thousands of transactions.

Glasgow City Council adopts eCAPTURE

Oct 2012. Access, a joint venture between Serco and Glasgow City Council, has signed contracts with Govtech for provision of an eCAPTURE service in Benefits. eCAPTURE will convert 10,000 Local Authority Input Documents (LAIDs) and Local Authority Claim Information (LACI) forms received from Job Centre Plus and The Pension Service each year into electronic claims and load these into the Academy Benefits system. The automated conversion, validation and loading of these claims is expected to free Assessors from up to 5,000 hours of manual checking and keying per annum.

Govtech customers collect awards at IRRV National Conference

Oct 2012. Three Govtech customers have been recognised in the IRRV Performance Awards 2012. Our congratulations go to Northumberland County Council for securing the Gold Award in Most Improved Team of the Year (Multiple Service) category, and to Croydon Council and Shropshire Council for Silver Awards in their respective Revenues Team of the Year and Most Improved Team of the Year (Single Service) categories. Independently drawn by Peter Tucker, Sales Director of Northgate Public Services, the winner of Govtech's eCAPTURE Revenues iPAD3 competition was Caroline Jackson, Head of Revenues and Benefits at Leicester City Council.

eCAPTURErevenues on show at IRRV Conferences in Crieff and Telford

Sept 2012. eCAPTURErevenues will be on demonstration at the IRRV Scottish Conference in Crieff, 5-6th Sept and at the IRRV National Conference in Telford, 3-4th October. Now available for councils which use Northgate Revenues, eCAPTURE transforms council tax and business rates administration by automating self-service requests and processing Direct Debits, applications for Single Occupier discounts, Exemptions and changes of address. Business rules trigger interventions by Officers only where this is required, leading to workload reductions of up to 80% in manual, back office checking and processing. To book a demonstration, send us an email via the Contact Us screen.

Insolvency Service Extends eCAPTURE service

Sept 2012. The Redundancy Payments Section, part of The Insolvency Service, has extended its eCAPTURE service with Northgate Information Solutions. Enhanced SLA provisions also accommodate significant fluctuations in application volumes, to minimise impact on service levels.

Serco renews Concessionary Travel Passes with eCAPTURE

June 2012. Serco Ltd is deploying eCAPTUREservice to renew up to 180,000 concessionary travel passes for residents served by Hertfordshire County Council. eCAPTURE will handle the receipt and validation of applications and photographs for up to 1,000 online and postal renewals each day, loading content into the Council's Lagan CRM system.

Croydon deploys eCAPTURErevenues

May 2012 - eCAPTURErevenues has been deployed by Croydon Council to automate Direct Debits, Single Occupier Discounts and Moves, enabling citizens and businesses to fully self-serve. Over 90% of direct debit instructions are processed without user intervention and up to 80% of Moves. eCAPTURErevenues imports content from self-service eForms, validates and loads the content and automates the processing in Northgate Revenues. Officers intervene on an exceptions basis only, meaning they focus only on cases which require their expertise. Instead of eForms simply creating another item in a work queue, Croydon now derives full efficiency benefits from online self-service. See Services for further information.

Victoria Forms customers switch on eCAPTURE

Mar 2012 - Dumfries & Galloway Council and Medway Council have added electronic claims captured in Victoria Forms to their eCAPTUREservice contracts. The xml claim details are fully validated by eCAPTURE and loaded into Northgate Benefits without assessor intervention, thus paving the way for online self-service claims to be loaded straight-through to the benefits system.