About us

Efficiency savings flow not just from getting citizens to transact online but by automating your business processes when they do. Govtech deploys its technology and expertise as services, called eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE. Both add full content validation and business process automation to your channel shift strategy.


They extend the benefits of channel shift into the back office, transforming the productivity of your staff by automating transactions, reducing day-to-day interventions by up to 80% and freeing up time for other work.


eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE sit at the heart of a successful channel shift strategy.


"webCAPTURE has enabled us to shoulder a greater burden and achieve a new set of targets and challenges, when CTR and other changes mean that collection is becoming more difficult and the work associated with collection activities is rising significantly"

Our Ethos

Govtech is a service company, so long term relationships are important to us.


When you do business with Govtech, you pay for outcomes, not technology.


Govtech's Service Level Agreements are simple, clear and output-based.


We are an easy company to do business with.


We're on the G-Cloud 9 Framework Agreement

Govtech is registered in Lot 2 - SAAS


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Govtech is accredited by the Living Wage Foundation